The Bespocut Advantage

We have pushed the envelope of innovation by bringing forward the most exquisite international fabrics meshed with the grand appeal of a hand-crafted suit, right at a customer’s doorstep. Here is how:
A Unique Online B2B Platform

We have the advantage of being one of the first online B2B movers in the bespoke tailoring segment. With our online portal, you, our style partner - get access to a wide collection of world class fabrics from prestigious mills around the globe with just a few clicks.


World Class Fabrics

With our online platform, you get exclusive access to the finest Italian, Scottish and English fabrics at very competitive prices.


Zero Inventory

Get the best only when you want it. One of the most important features is that, the stylists\ entrepreneurs have to maintain zero inventory, they can simply order exactly what they need and receive it in a timely manner.


Low Initial Start-up Costs

With our technology driven platform, we have successfully lowered the set-up cost for your business. One of our goals is to eliminate the financial obstacles for passionate to-be businessmen during their initial growing phases. As for veterans, we wish to add onto their existing revenues and further help consolidate their brand in the global marketplace.


No Space Requirement

We eliminate the need for physical storage by helping you select the required materials and order them online.


Never Out of Stock (NOS)

We have partnered with the most prestigious mills across the world, and you can access their fine quality raw material through our e-portal, round the clock.


No Dead Stock Scenario

We remove the situation where the inventory purchased by the stylist\entrepreneur was never sold to the customers or used by them because it became an outdated fashion trend.


Avoid Huge Costs of Running Outlets

Get maximum value for your investment and growth by removing extra costs of overheads, advertising, rent, bills, staff etc.


Doorstep Delivery

Say goodbye to transportation logistics. With Bespocut, anything you order will be at your doorstep, quickly and efficiently.


Training in New and Advanced Skill-Sets

We help you upgrade your existing skill-set by empowering you with our online technology tools, so that you expand your knowledge and returns at a fractional cost.


Avail Advertising and Marketing Benefits

We will be growing the market for Bespoke clothing, through advertising and lead generation. And the en-queries we generate will be forwarded to all our respective Style Partners.

Taking Retail to the Next Level!
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